“Keep fighting the good fight of faith”

One of the struggles Christians face occasionally is to ‘keep fighting’ the fight of faith when things seem so cyclic and pointless.  Sometimes it is not only non-Christians who ask, “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of… Read More ›

“The danger of neglect”

We live in a society that is increasingly becoming more ambivalent towards Christianity.  Yes, I realise there are some who are becoming hostile towards those who embrace Christianity, but generally, that is not the case. We still live in a society where we enjoy the freedom of religion and Christians have the freedom to gather… Read More ›

“The work continues…”

Many years ago, someone asked me whether Christ has finished his work.  My short reply at the time was, “Yes. Of course, Christ has finished his work, after all, He said, “It is finished.”   In hindsight, I wish someone would ask me that question again, for the answer I gave then, although not incorrect, was… Read More ›

“Being Priestly”

This past week we attended the Vine Project at the RTC Melbourne campus. Colin Marshall presented a one-day course on how to set up structures that may help in assisting churches in making disciples and hence fulfilling the Great Commission.  He mentioned four ‘P’s, “Preaching, prayerful dependence on the Holy Spirit, people – engaging all of… Read More ›

Office Bearer Elections

One of the recurring refrains we hear at Church Council and Classis meetings is the difficulty to find willing and suitable office bearers.  One of the reasons why so few are willing to serve is the memory of past expectations that were placed upon them as individuals and their families.  When I served as an… Read More ›

“Easter effects…”

  Easter is behind us again for another year and life seems to go on as usual.  But before we race off to the next Church Calendar event, the Ascension, it’s good to just pause and consider the full impact of Easter. Surely what was accomplished at Calvary is more than just a weekend of… Read More ›