How to avoid drought…

We have heard a fair bit about drought lately.  Not only is our own land affected, so are other places around the world.  Often, when there is drought it means lack of refreshing rains.  When that does occur, the soil gets hard and the seed planted doesn’t bud to life and if it does, only shows life for a little while or it stunts life altogether.

Did you know there is also such a thing as spiritual ‘drought’ that can have the same results?  Paul when writing to the Church at Colosse, gives thanks to the Lord for their faith, love (Ch 1v4), and their hope of heaven (v5) which is all a result of the gospel taking root in the rich soil of their hearts prepared by the Holy Spirit.   Now you would think Paul would leave well enough alone, but he doesn’t. From v9ff, Paul prays that they may even show more spiritual fruit.

‘Fruit’ in the Christian’s life is anything that is pleasing to the Lord.  In fact, the Gardener looks for fruit in our lives, just as any gardener looks for fruit on their garden fruit trees.  And just as we love it when our garden fruit trees grow and bear fruit, so also the Gardener is pleased when He sees us grow in our knowledge of Him and bear even more fruit.

So, the fruit we see in our lives is directly related to our knowledge of God and His will for us and particularly our love for Him in light of what He has done for us through His Son. And now, in light of the gift of faith we have received in Jesus Christ, we are now qualified to share in an eternal inheritance.    And the more we feed on that truth and the more we grow in the knowledge of God and His will for our lives, the more fruit we will bear to the glory of our Saviour God.

What does that fruit look like?  The desire to have Christ and his honour first in our lives.  The ability to consider others better than ourselves.  The blessing to forgive one another even when it is difficult.  The humility to tolerate each other and see each other as precious in God’s sight. To be generous with our time, resources and finances when there is a need.  To assist and encourage others to delight in our Saviour.   When necessary, to deny ourselves, turn the other cheek, so that others may prosper in the Lord.

Now just as our average garden fruit trees will not grow or produce a good crop without proper care so it is with us if we do not avail ourselves of the nutrients given to us by the Gardener.  And the prime nutrients He has provided is his Word and Spirit.  The more we prayerfully feed on His Word, the greater knowledge we will have of Him and the more we will allow the Holy Spirit to produce the type of fruit in our lives that pleases our Saviour and avoid spiritual drought.  JZ