It’s a sad day…

Meditation – “It’s a sad day…” 

It’s a sad day when Christians bring the Lord’s name into disrepute.  That is no truer than for those in leadership, or more particularly, those who hold an office in the Lord’s church, for they carry extra responsibility.  So, whether it be a deacon, elder, minister of the gospel, or even a bishop or cardinal leading a whole denomination, if your past or present actions make the local, national or even world headlines for all the wrong reasons, the Lord’s name is brought into disrepute.  When that happens, it is a very sad day and the only one who is having a laugh is the devil and his followers. 

It is without a doubt that Christians are being increasingly targeted in today’s society, sometimes unfairly. Granted.  But that is not an excuse or a defence to excuse poor, sinful behaviour.  On the contrary, because we know that our Saviour’s name is on the line, we have more reason to remember that as Christians every deed and every word spoken is scrutinised to the nth degree by the world.  The devil just loves it when the world agrees that our behaviour as Christian leaders is immoral, inexcusable and highly offensive.    

Scripture warns that those who seek to hold office in the Lord’s Church need to be above reproach (1 Tim 3:2).  It doesn’t say we need to be perfect, for no one is, not even those who hold offices in the church.  But we do need to be above reproach and that means no one should be able to accuse us of behaviour that is immoral and detestable, not just before the Lord and his people, but also before the world in general.   

But it is not just those in Christian leadership who need to be careful, we all do.  If we wish to have a credible witness in our families, our fellowship and our communities about the love of God to us in Jesus Christ, then we need to ensure as far as it is humanly possible, that we are above reproach in all that we do and say.  

For instance, our love for one another must be clearly evident for Jesus said that the world will know we are his followers by the way we love one another (John 13:35).  Our words need to be dipped in love before they go out of our mouths so that they build-up and not tear down (Eph 4:29).  Our business practices need to be fair and above board for the Lord detests differing weights and dishonest scales (Pro 20:23).  I am sure you can add to the list. 

In many ways, it has been a sad week for the Lord’s church in light of the headlines.  The devil and his hosts have had a victory of sorts, but they will not ultimately win.  In fact, they have already lost, and they are doomed to eternal destruction because the King of this universe died for our sin and rose victoriously from the dead.        

Prayer: Lord, forgive us for our sin and may we as Your people be a light in this dark world. May justice be served and Your kingdom advance, and may there be less sad days, for Jesus’ sake.  Amen. JZ.