Same old, same old…not quite

When one looks at history one could be forgiven for thinking that history just keeps on repeating itself, same old, same old.   Over recent weeks we have seen ‘natural disasters’ occur which includes hurricanes and wide spread flooding.  As a result, people have lost their lives, some have lost their homes and their immediate livelihoods. The current and seemingly endless wars against terrorism, the ongoing tensions in the Middle East, Afghanistan, and some African nations and we dare not forget the rising tensions on the Korean peninsula, never seem to end.  Same old, same old.

However, when we look closer to home, it’s not the same old, same old anymore. As a nation and perhaps even more pointedly as Christians in this nation, the attacks are now being directed more at us than ever before.  There is a strong and consistent push by a very loud minority to attack the very foundational principles, God’s law and biblical values, on which this nation was built.

We have the deplorable marriage equality debate going on. That is a direct attack on God’s clear law about marriage and those who endeavour to uphold those laws.  Even though everything that was said in the first ‘No’ TV commercial against same-sex marriage was true, those participating have been called liars, dishonest, ridiculous and the opposition leader called it ‘Rubbish’ and those who participated are being actively vilified.  In Victoria, we have to deal with the immoral ‘Safe Schools Program’ which encourages students to do things which are completely in opposition to God’s law and hence also to the values we as Christians seek to uphold. In Victoria, we have to deal with the euthanasia question which is being promoted in our Parliament.  The question of when an abortion is still ‘legal’ continues to push the envelope.  Same old, same old?  Not quite, in fact. Not by a long way!   Our parents never had to deal with these sort of immoral issues, but parents today, both Christian and non-Christian are continually faced with these types of moral questions and attacks which in a large part come from the leftist academia.

In a world that seems to be spiralling out of control on many fronts, it is easy to forget who actually rules and is seated in a position of absolute authority.  It’s not Kim John Un. It’s not President Donald Trump, nor is it Malcolm Turnbull, or Premier Andrews, but none other than our victorious, resurrected, Saviour King (Eph 1:20ff).  And although we may be targeted as Christians the real target is our Saviour King.  Satan and those who do his bidding really only have one goal and that is to discredit, tear down, and rubbish Christians, so that their ultimate King is discredited.

Now sometimes we need to make our voice heard but we need to do it with integrity, especially when we realize our Saviour is being attacked.  We need to speak truthfully, graciously, and winsomely.  This takes much wisdom and since all Christians are ‘fair-game’ it may be prudent to ask the Lord for wisdom after all Scripture reminds us that God gives generously to those who ask (Jm 1:5) so that we can speak with integrity.

One thing that can help us in these discussions is to remember that our risen Saviour is King and is firmly seated at God’s right hand.  Nothing will happen that is outside of God’s control not even the attacks that are directed toward us. Those who wish to get rid of the ‘shackle’ of Christianity and any reference to the King, will do so at their own peril (Psa 2).  A second thing to remember is to “play the ball and not the person.” Our fight is not necessarily against flesh and blood (Eph 6:12ff).

Finally, why should we bother?  We bother because we wish to see the name of Christ exalted and we wish to see our neighbours won for Christ’s kingdom if that be His will.  We want them to ‘Kiss the Son now, lest He be angry with them forever and they perish in the way and never feel the blessing of those who take refuge in Him’ (Psalm 2:12 emphasis added) JZ.