“Where Mr Trump is trumped”

I am somewhat surprised how many people, including some Christians, who have become unsettled with Mr Donald Trump’s election as President-elect.  Some suggest that he is too rash, a little like a loose cannon.  Others suggest that his foreign policy is far too confronting.  Some suggest that he is not fit to have the nuclear codes in his hands.  Others suggest that the policy towards illegal immigrants and Muslims is far too harsh.  Still, others suggest that his ‘locker-room’ talk indicates that he is not morally fit for office.

Well, I am sure some of these concerns are justified, and sure, he has said some rather rash and unsavoury things.  I too have my misgivings, but to be fair, I would probably have had them if Mrs Hilary Clinton had ben elected also.  Perhaps, it is good to be reminded that Mr Donald Trump has no authority except that which God has established (Romans 13).  Furthermore, God can even use a ‘crooked’ stick to strike some straight blows, and perhaps that is what the western world needs at this time.

Over recent decades there has been a slow but certain demolition of biblical morals and standards in western societies, not only in America but also in our society.  For example, the Lord’s prayer can no longer be recited publicly in many of our State run schools.  We are repeatedly told that everyone needs to be tolerant of alternate ‘faith views’, although it increasingly appears that may not be true for those who hold to the Christian faith.  The same-sex and civil unions debate continues in our parliaments; the Safe-Schools program leaves much to be desired; indeed, those who hold to the Christian faith are facing more abuse and ‘name-calling’ than ever before.

But even if Mr Donald Trump cannot stop the erosion of Christian principles and morals in our societies, alarming as that may be, Jesus is still on the throne and will be forever more!  So don’t panic.  Jesus has promised to be with us to the close of the age.  When all is done and dusted, we as Christians don’t place our trust and faith in a mortal human being, albeit the President-elect of the most powerful nation on earth.  We trust and place our faith in an almighty God who has revealed in His word that He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  And all His promises for His children are sure and yes and amen in Christ.  So dear Christian, don’t let any election unsettle you too much, rather remind yourself that God is on the throne and will be forever.

Indeed, this is a great reason for thankfulness.  There is one stable Rock we can stand and build on, even in the midst of a possible turbulent Presidency.   We build on Christ Jesus and not on the moving sands which change with each tide.  As the Psalmist says, God is our refuge and strength, therefore we shall not be afraid (or unsettled Ps 46).

It’s all good and well to express some concern at the result of any election, but our hope and futures lie beyond Prime Ministers and even beyond President-elect Mr Donald Trump.  Prime Ministers and Presidents are like the flowers of the field.  They may bloom for a day, but when evening comes, their flower fades and their place is remembered no more.   The same is true of us.

And so we look beyond our immediate earthly surroundings and set our sights on the heavenly city, whose architect and builder is God.   Jesus reminded us that He would be with us to the very end of the age and the He and the Father will never let us fall out of His hands.  Paul reminds us that nothing in all creation can separate us from God’s love in Jesus Christ.  Let us find rest and peace in the One who is really on the throne.  JZ