“He must become greater!” (2)

One of the great things about John the Baptist’s ministry is his continual emphasis on Christ’s worth. Time and time again, despite the fact that John’s followers were offended at the attention Jesus and his followers were receiving, John the Baptist keeps emphasizes Christ’s greatness. 

Sometimes in our rush to read a passage of Scripture, we can miss the thrust of what God is saying to us through his Word and Spirit.  When you have some time, read John 3:27-36 and notice how John the Baptist keeps heaping one truth upon more truths about the majesty, honour, worth and greatness of Christ. 

In verse 29 he speaks of Jesus as ‘the bridegroom’.  In verse 31 he reminds us that Jesus who comes from above (from heaven), is above all. In verse 34 he reminds us that Jesus is the one whom God has sent who has been given the Holy Spirit without measure to speak the word of God.  In verse 35 he reminds us that God has placed everything in Jesus’ hands.  And then last, but certainly not least, he reminds us whosoever believes in Jesus has eternal life and those who reject will not see life for God’s wrath remains on them.  

This meditation is cannot expand on all these truths for each of these phrases are full of rich and deep meaning and would amply supply material for many meditations.  These verses contain some of the deepest truths about our Saviour, and one would do no harm to their soul to meditate on each.   For this brief meditation, let us focus for a few moments on verse 36. 

‘Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life.’  Note, it is a present and not distant reality.  We do not need to work tirelessly in some form of ministry to pay the loan before we can claim the title to heaven and glory.  We do not need to meet any conditions.  We do not have to serve a time of probation to see whether we are worthy of a place in heaven.   We do not need to worry or be downhearted about the possibility some sin remains unforgiven.  

Our title to heaven is ours from the moment we believe in the Son, Christ has paid our debt.  Christ has met all the conditions with his perfect sacrifice.  We may not be worthy, but our worth is now in Christ and that can never change.  And his death and resurrection are of infinite worth, so all our sins are covered.   

This dear friend is the beauty of believing in Christ and this is why we are unashamed of the gospel.  John the Baptist was right, Christ must become greater for He did what we could never do. We can now say with confidence, even more so than John the Baptist, that Jesus is greater than all.   And so, we pray, that all people everywhere, from the least to the greatest sinner would bow their knee, repent and believe, that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father.  For from the moment they do so, they will have Christ and to have Him as Saviour and Lord makes all believers unspeakably rich. JZ