The ‘miracle’ election fall out

I was purchasing a newspaper at a local newsagency post-Federal election and a middle-aged man was having a good old rant about the outcome of the election to all who wished to listen.  It was obvious from the expletives used that this man was far from happy at the result. Rather than debating the issue with him, others, including myself, just smiled politely and allowed him to vent his anger.  Hopefully it made him feel a little better.   However, this man wasn’t the only one.  Some celebrities also let fly with their personal twitter accounts, accusing the majority of Australians of being dumb.  

As Christians we understand that no government is appointed accidentally or because people are dumb.  On the contrary, many of us have been praying that a good and godly government would be elected.  In fact, Romans 13:1- 7, reminds us we must submit to governing authorities for there is no authority except that which God has established.  Now I realise, we need to compare ‘Scripture with Scripture’ and there are texts that say we should obey God rather than man when those over us ask us to do things contrary to God’s clear word (Act 5:29).   

However, it seems to me that the Lord has answered the prayers of his people favourably concerning this election.  Despite what the polls were suggesting as well as most political commentators and so called ‘experts,’ the Lord in his wisdom has caused people to vote in such a way that a professing evangelical Christian will continue to be the Prime Minister of this country for the next three years.  Surely that can’t be all bad!  In fact, it is great reason for thanks.  Many Christians and other countries pray and wish they had a Christian head of state.  

As Christians, our time for prayer is never finished, and we need to continue praying.  Pray that God will bless our new government with much wisdom and that they may rule wisely for all the people, even those who didn’t vote for them.   Pray that any new legislation will not hinder the gospel going forward.  Pray that sin may be further restrained or even overturned for the next three years. Pray that our moral and ethical standards would be exemplary and in accord with God’s word.  Pray for the opposition parties, that they too may be supportive of godly legislation and when necessary give constructive critique. Pray that the Lord would bless Australia and all who reside here.   JZ