When our World View comes into play…”

I am sure that you have often heard about different ‘World Views.’  I am not speaking about the latest photo we have of this world from outer space, but a fundamental understanding of who or what you think is in control of this universe if anything at all.   It’s a very important question and one that everyone will have to answer sooner or later.

Some people have a very fatalistic World View by suggesting that whatever will be, will be.  There is only one world, which is basically centred around materialism.  It is also very secular in its thinking and is largely based on ideas, feelings, visions that simply come from the workings of the brain.  They think it is a good thing to help other people but not because they believe in God.  Right or wrong is relative to the situation but there are no absolutes and you do what is right for you at any given moment.   They do not allow for a spiritual aspect and don’t hold to an almighty God who created and sustains all things by the power of His Word.   

There are other World Views, including material humanism. Briefly, you have a thesis (an idea) and an anti-thesis (an opposing idea) and then a synthesis, a coming together of the two.  Socialism and communism stem from this World View. With this world view, power comes from the top and so long as you are secure and happy, freedom doesn’t matter.  They do not acknowledge a creator God or a spiritual aspect of our existence.   

The Post-modernist World View is largely based on pragmatism.  Whatever works is what people go with.  It is very individualistic, where I, me and myself are at the centre of all decisions.  Again, no God or spiritual aspect.  

When one thinks about the above examples, they leave a lot to be desired because they leave God completely out of the picture.  One famous theologian and Prime Minister of Holland, Abraham Kuyper, proposed a Christian World View.  This holds the biblical view that every square inch of this world belongs to Christ. Therefore, his Lordship should be seen in all aspects of human life, including politics, the arts, education, our spiritual welfare, indeed everywhere.  

With respect, it is only the Christian World View that gives great comfort and answers every question about life.  For instance, “What do you think of this universe, the beauty of its design and how it functions? What do you think of our planet, mankind and their troubles?   How are you coping with your serious sickness?  How are you going to cope with death when it comes your way?” 

These are all basically World View questions and it is really good for us to be able to say, “I believe in a loving caring heavenly Father, who not only created all things but sustains them for His glory and for the benefit of the elect in Christ, of whom I am just one.”  That dear friend is why having a right and proper “world view” is essential, for not only does Scripture testify to it, it gives us great comfort that we belong in life and death, body and soul, to our faithful Saviour, Jesus Christ.  That is something World Views without God cannot say.  JZ